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Best guide to sell stuff locally for quick cash, selling things online to pawn shops and goodwill store in my area.

What are pawn shops and where can I find them?

Pawn stores are businesses that offer secured loans by using a customer's personal property items as collateral. At the same time, these stores also buy and sell used items for quick cash. Hence, if a customer walks in with a valuable item such as jewelry, gold coins, tools, electronics or such, the pawn store (the pawnbrokers) will offer the customer a sum of money if in case the customer wishes to sell the item. If the customer wants to be able to buy the item back, the pawnbroker will offer a small loan and use the item as collateral. The good thing about pawn loans is that if in case the customer is not able to pay the money back in time, he would just lose the possession to the item and the credit score of the customer won’t be hurt. You can locate the pawn stores near you by using the search option at The website contains a list of all the pawn shops located in a city as well as a list of products offered or accepted by them

Should you pawn or sell your product?

On the other hand, selling the item at the pawnshop is exactly how it is spelled, selling the item. Before you pawn your item, you need to decide if you would want the item back or not. If the item has any sort of sentimental value. You should also consider the value of your item. If you take out a pawn loan on diamond or platinum jewelry, you can use the item as collateral again and again. As the item’s value increases over time, you can secure larger pawn loans. Since a pawn loan is less of a risk to pawnbrokers, you can generally get more money for the item than by just selling it.


The federal government regulates pawnshops, providing a measure of protection against unscrupulous businesses, so you can be confident that the pawnshop will do everything it can to keep your item secure until you redeem it. However, if you decide you want to sell the item instead, research other outlets that enable you to sell your valuables. Pawnshops do connect buyers and sellers, but consignment shops, speciality stores, and auction houses and websites may net you a better price for your item.

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